Today’s digital ecosystem demands businesses to be agile, and one way they achieve this is through adopting software solutions that are adaptable to their ever-evolving needs. One such groundbreaking tool is the Perfect SaaS Nulled – a powerful multi-tenancy module tailored for Perfex CRM. This stellar module is not just about enhancing functionality; it’s about transforming the way businesses operate, manage subscriptions, and offer unmatched value to their customers.

An All-Encompassing Overview

Perfect SaaS stands out in the saturated market of CRM modules. Designed with a focus on businesses that thrive on subscriptions, it serves as an umbrella solution under which companies can manage everything – from payments, subscriptions history, to extending service times and more. Its integration with Perfex CRM ensures that customers can access the services seamlessly, making business interactions smooth and efficient.

One of its standout features is the ability to maintain separate dashboards – a dashboard for the super admin and another for individual companies. This differentiation not only brings clarity in operations but also ensures that the super admin has a bird’s eye view of all business activities, while companies can focus on their specific tasks and data.

Features That Empower

Separate Dashboard for SaaS

The bifurcation of dashboards for super admins and companies is a game-changer. It allows businesses to keep a tab on subscriptions, payments, invoices, and more, all from one centralized place. This centralization is further enriched with capabilities to manage coupons, trials, affiliates, and more, streamlining operations and enhancing productivity.


Businesses are no longer confined to a single company model. With Perfect SaaS, enterprises can create multiple companies or tenancies. This multi-tenancy feature ensures scalability, allowing businesses to grow without technological constraints. Some of its remarkable facets include:

  • Unlimited company creation with controlled service access.
  • Dynamic database creation based on company domain, using various means like localhost, MySQL root access, cPanel, or even Plesk access.
  • A comprehensive dashboard designed for individual companies.
  • Smooth management of company-specific services, subscriptions, invoices, and payments.

Wildcard Subdomain & Domain Flexibility

One of the challenges businesses often face is the constraint of domains and subdomains. Perfect SaaS eradicates this issue by allowing companies to login using wildcard subdomains or even without subdomains. This flexibility ensures that businesses can function seamlessly without any domain-related hindrances.

Database Creation with Multiple Access Points

The versatility of Perfect SaaS shines brightly with its dynamic database creation feature. Companies have the liberty to choose from four distinct ways to create databases, be it through localhost, MySQL root access, cPanel, or Plesk access.

Wrapping Up: Perfect SaaS – Transforming the CRM Landscape

Navigating the digital realm demands businesses to constantly adapt, innovate, and stay ahead of the curve. As we’ve explored, Perfect SaaS for Perfex CRM Free Download is a clear representation of this adaptability. By offering a diverse array of features, it ensures businesses not only streamline operations but also position themselves for sustained growth.

So, why is Perfect SaaS emerging as a game-changer? Firstly, it shifts the dynamics of how businesses operate within the CRM space. Its dual-dashboard approach, multi-tenancy capabilities, and unparalleled domain flexibility make it a standout choice. Moreover, the ease it brings to database creation is unmatched.

But beyond these functionalities, Perfect SaaS represents a broader shift in the industry. It’s about understanding the evolving needs of businesses and offering solutions that cater to these changing demands. By focusing on the subscription-based model, it provides a tailored solution for companies looking to offer consistent value to their clients.

At the heart of it, Perfect SaaS is more than just a module for Perfex CRM. It’s a bridge to the future of CRM solutions. For businesses that are keen on staying agile, relevant, and competitive, integrating such a tool becomes not just desirable, but essential. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, tools like Perfect SaaS will undeniably stand out as beacons of innovation, guiding businesses to new horizons of success and customer satisfaction.

Update History

13 January 2024 Version: 1.2.2

--- Added v3.1.1 migration seed for new tenants
--- Update seed company to 3.1.1
--- FIXED Api authentication issue.
--- Fixed all known issues and bugs.

7 December 2023 Version: 1.2.1

--- Added Api Menu for  use from external packages,singup,modules etc
--- Added Auto update features on settings menu from super admin
--- Added Auto update database if you update manually with all company/tenant 
--- Added Hide/show dahsboard and other menu if not have included into package 
--- Added Set Defualt theme by clicking button 
--- Moved SaaS billings to setup menu
--- Rename Dynamic SaaS to Company Name on Billing name (SaaS Billings to [company_name] Billings)
--- FIXED Client theme issue not showing 
--- FIXED Timestamp issue when install 
--- FIXED when install new tenent showing error or frontend
--- FIXED SaaS module not working if dont have any module when singup any company/tenent
--- Fixed all known issues and bugs.

23 Novembar 2023 Version: 1.2.0

--- Added database prefix for mysql root access if have use any cloud with shared hosting
--- FIXED Activation email template not working (not sending email)
--- FIXED Company database reset email template not working (not sending email)
--- Fixed all known issues and bugs.


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