One significant aspect of this journey is the checkout process, where guests finalize their bookings. Recognizing the criticality of this process, MotoPress Hotel Booking Checkout Fields Free Download extension, offering hoteliers a chance to refine and personalize their checkout forms.

At the heart of any successful online booking system is the efficiency and adaptability of its checkout process. The MotoPress Hotel Booking Checkout Fields Nulled extension is designed to ensure that hoteliers can customize their checkout forms to match the unique requirements of their establishments, their country’s policies, and the specific needs of their guests. From collecting essential guest information to complying with legal requirements, this extension ensures that the checkout process is both comprehensive and user-friendly.


  1. Customizable Checkout Fields: The primary strength of this extension is the flexibility it offers. Hoteliers can modify existing fields or introduce new ones, ensuring that they gather all the necessary information during the checkout process.
  2. Expanded Field Types: Beyond the standard text and dropdown fields, this add-on introduces several new field types, allowing for a more detailed and comprehensive checkout form.
  3. Tailored Checkout Experiences: Every hotel has its unique charm and operations. With the MotoPress Free Download extension, hoteliers can fine-tune the checkout experience to reflect their brand’s ethos and the specific information they require.
  4. Legal Compliance: Different countries have different legal requirements, especially in the hospitality industry. With the ability to add custom fields, hoteliers can ensure that they collect all legally mandated data from their guests. This can range from identification details to specific agreements or disclaimers.
  5. Guest Commentary: Hotels can add fields that allow guests to leave comments or special requests, ensuring a personalized experience for every guest. Whether it’s a request for a room with a view or a dietary preference for the complimentary breakfast, this feature ensures guests can communicate their needs efficiently.
  6. Referral Surveys: In the age of digital marketing, understanding where your traffic comes from is crucial. By adding a referral survey field, hoteliers can gain insights into how guests discovered their establishment, allowing for more targeted and effective marketing strategies.
  7. Additional Instruction Fields: Sometimes, guests benefit from additional instructions or clarifications during the checkout process. Whether it’s about payment methods, cancellation policies, or any other aspect of the booking, hoteliers can use this feature to ensure their guests are well-informed.

The MotoPress Hotel Booking Checkout Fields extension is not just an add-on; it’s a game-changer for the modern hotelier. In an industry where personalization and efficiency are paramount, this extension ensures that hoteliers can offer a checkout experience that’s tailored, comprehensive, and user-friendly.

MotoPress Nulled empowers them to collect essential data, comply with legal requirements, and offer an unparalleled booking experience to their guests. In the competitive world of online hotel bookings, where the quality of the digital experience can significantly impact a guest’s decision to book, the MotoPress Hotel Booking Checkout Fields extension emerges as a must-have tool for every forward-thinking hotelier.

Release Notes

1.2.1, Nov 28 2023

  • Updated translation files.

1.2.0, Jul 19 2023

  • Fixed an issue of the absent ‘create an account’ checkbox with the Checkout Fields addon enabled.
  • Fixed an issue when the file size upload limit was overwritten by multisite WordPress settings.
  • Fixed an issue when accounts with the assigned Hotel Manager user role could not view uploaded files.

1.1.0, Feb 6 2023

  • Added the ability to add links and apply bold font to the field description and paragraph fields.
  • Fixed a problem with the plugin settings for allowed upload file type extensions.
  • Fixed a wrong html code of the allowed upload file size and types.
  • Fixed the plugin compatibility with PHP 8.


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