Meow Database Cleaner Pro Nulled is a powerful and efficient plugin designed for WordPress users who are seeking to enhance the performance and cleanliness of their website’s database. This tool is an essential asset for website maintenance, focusing on optimizing the database by cleaning unnecessary data, which in turn speeds up the website and improves overall functionality.

In the digital realm, website performance and speed are crucial for user experience and SEO ranking. Meow Database Cleaner Pro directly addresses these aspects by offering a comprehensive solution for decluttering and optimizing the WordPress database. It goes beyond simple cleaning; it provides a deep and thorough optimization process that is both safe and efficient.

Meow Database Cleaner Pro Free Download stands out with its user-friendly interface and deep cleaning capabilities. It is designed to safely remove unnecessary data such as old revisions, spam comments, and transient options, which often bloat the database and slow down the website. Additionally, it offers features for more advanced users who wish to fine-tune their database optimization further.


  1. Deep Cleaning of Database: Cleans out old revisions, spam comments, trashed items, and other unnecessary data, reducing database size and improving performance.
  2. Optimization of Database Tables: Analyzes and optimizes database tables to ensure efficient data management and retrieval.
  3. Transient Cleanup: Clears out expired and unnecessary transient options that can accumulate over time and slow down the website.
  4. Orphaned Metadata Cleanup: Removes orphaned metadata from posts, comments, and users, which often remains in the database after deleting the main item.
  5. Automatic Scheduling: Offers options to schedule regular cleanups, ensuring ongoing database maintenance without manual intervention.
  6. Safe and Secure Operation: Designed to perform cleanups safely without risking crucial data or website functionality.
  7. User-Friendly Interface: Provides an easy-to-navigate dashboard for managing and monitoring database cleaning processes.
  8. Advanced Options for Experienced Users: Includes features for users with more technical expertise to perform detailed and specific database optimizations.
  9. Detailed Reporting: After each cleanup, detailed reports are available, outlining what has been cleaned and optimized.
  10. Database Backup Reminder: Reminds users to backup their database before running a cleanup, ensuring data safety.
  11. Performance Monitoring: Tracks the performance of the website before and after the cleanup for comparison and analysis.
  12. Unused Tags Cleanup: Removes tags that are not assigned to any posts, decluttering the database.
  13. Drafts Cleanup: Offers the option to clean up auto-drafts and old drafts that are no longer needed.
  14. WP Options Cleanup: Cleans up the wp_options table, which often becomes bloated in WordPress sites.
  15. Regular Updates and Support: Ensures compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and provides professional support.

Enhancing WordPress Sites with Meow Database Cleaner Pro

Meow Database Cleaner Pro is an indispensable tool for WordPress site owners and administrators focused on maintaining optimal website performance. Its comprehensive range of features addresses various aspects of database optimization, making it a versatile solution for both novice and advanced users. By keeping the database clean and efficient, Meow Database Cleaner Pro not only enhances website speed and performance but also contributes to a better user experience and improved SEO rankings. In an online world where speed and efficiency are paramount, Meow Database Cleaner Pro is the key to maintaining a sleek, fast, and reliable WordPress website.


1.0.6 (2024/05/24)

  • Fix: Clear logs.
  • Fix: Error handling in the UI.
  • Update: Improved requests speed.
  • Add: Support for more plugins.
  • Security: Patched directory traversal vulnerability in log path.
  • 💕 Don’t hesitate to share some love with us. If you enjoy Database Cleaner, please leave a review here. Also, any issues or feature requests you have, share it with us, we’ll do our best.

1.0.3 (2024/01/20)

  • Fix: Deleting tables in bulk.
  • Update: Better plugins support.
  • Updated: UI Enhancements.
  • 💕 Don’t hesitate to share some love with us. If you enjoy Database Cleaner, please leave a review here. Also, any issues or feature requests you have, share it with us, we’ll do our best.

1.0.2 (2023/12/20)

  • Update: Enhanced UI and how the items are ordered.
  • Update: Better plugins support.

0.9.9 (2023/10/09)

  • Update: For better confidentiality, the logs file is now randomly generated.

0.9.8 (2023/10/03)

  • Update: Better UI for the Custom Queries.
  • Add: Support more plugins.

0.9.7 (2023/09/19)

  • Add: More schedules for the Nyao Sweeper.
  • Add: Build/Remove Indexes button in the Settings to optimizing the queries.
  • Fix: Issues with Custom Queries.
  • Add: More settings to craft yourself a better and nicer UI for Database Cleaner.


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