Hyper Admin & Dashboard Template (Dark / Light) Free Download is a dynamic dashboard and admin template designed to expedite the development process of web applications by providing an extensive array of UI elements, components, widgets, and pages. With its rich feature set and adaptable layout, Hyper offers developers and designers the flexibility and efficiency needed to create high-quality web solutions in a fraction of the time.

At the core of Hyper is its vast collection of UI elements, components, and widgets. From buttons and forms to charts and graphs, Hyper provides a comprehensive toolkit that empowers users to build robust and visually appealing web applications with ease. This extensive library of pre-designed elements streamlines the development process, allowing users to focus on functionality and user experience rather than reinventing the wheel.

Hyper’s clean and adaptable layout serves as the foundation for building custom admin panels, dashboards, CRMs, CMSs, e-commerce panels, and more. The layout is fully customizable, allowing developers and designers to tailor the appearance and functionality of their web applications to meet the specific needs of their clients. Whether it’s adjusting colors, fonts, or layout structures, Hyper offers the flexibility needed to create unique and visually striking web solutions.

One of the key advantages of using Hyper Admin & Dashboard Template (Dark / Light) Nulled is its ability to save time. By providing a comprehensive set of pre-designed UI elements and components, Hyper eliminates the need to start from scratch, enabling users to quickly assemble web applications that meet their clients’ requirements. This time-saving feature is particularly valuable for developers and designers who work on tight deadlines and need to deliver high-quality solutions efficiently.

In addition to its extensive collection of UI elements and components, Hyper also includes a variety of pre-designed pages that cover a wide range of use cases. Whether you’re building a login page, a dashboard, a profile page, or a settings page, Hyper has you covered with its ready-to-use templates. This streamlines the development process even further, allowing users to quickly build out the various pages and features of their web applications without the need for extensive custom coding.

Furthermore, Hyper Free Download is built with performance and responsiveness in mind. The template is optimized for speed and efficiency, ensuring that web applications built with Hyper load quickly and perform seamlessly across devices and screen sizes. This makes Hyper an ideal choice for building responsive web applications that provide a consistent and engaging user experience across all platforms.

Hyper is a feature-rich dashboard and admin template that offers developers and designers the tools and flexibility needed to build high-quality web applications quickly and efficiently. With its extensive collection of UI elements, components, widgets, and pages, along with its customizable layout and optimized performance, Hyper Nulled is the ideal choice for anyone looking to save time and create professional web solutions for their clients.

Hyper Admin & Dashboard Template Changelog

v5.3 – 12 July 2023

Updated: Bootstrap to v5.3.0
Improved: Light and dark mode.
Fixed Minor Issues

v5.2 – 20 April 2023

Updated: Bootstrap to v5.3.0-alpha3
Improved: Light and dark mode.
Fixed Minor Issue

v5.1 – 21 Dec 2022

Updated: Bootstrap to v5.2.3
Added: New layout with Fullscreen Layout Mode (sidebar menu hide)
Added: Flatpickr in Form Advanced

v5.0 – 7 Sep 2022

Updated: Bootstrap to v5.2.0
Added: Starter Kit
Added: New layout with hoverable sidebar menu
Added: New layout with compact sidebar menu
Added: Custom Tooltip and Pop Hover
Added: Utility Page
Added: Remix Icons
Improved: Gulp flow to have flexibility
Removed: Dripicons Icons

v4.6.0 – 23 Feb 2022

Improved: Light and dark mode. No need for separate files in order to load the dark or light mode.
Added: Wallet Dashboard
Added: CRM Full App
Projects page
Order List
Clients List


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