In the dynamic realm of online engagement, capturing your visitors’ attention and converting them into subscribers or customers is a pivotal aspect of website management. FireBox Pro Nulled, a WordPress Popup Builder, steps into this role as a versatile tool designed to transform your website visitors into active participants, whether through email subscriptions, increased sales, engagement, or social media expansion. Let us see how FireBox Pro enhances the conversion rate by seamlessly integrating eye-catching popups, modals, floating bars, fullscreen overlays, and slide-ins into your WordPress website.

Versatility in Driving Conversions

FireBox Pro offers a comprehensive set of features that contribute to its effectiveness in driving conversions and turning casual visitors into engaged subscribers and customers.

  1. Collect Email Addresses: Transform low-engagement visitors into valuable newsletter subscribers by strategically prompting them with captivating popups.
  2. Increase Sales & Revenue: Optimize your website traffic by utilizing targeted popups to encourage additional purchases, maximizing your revenue potential.
  3. Combat Cart Abandonment: Identify users who are on the verge of leaving your site or abandoning their carts, allowing you to intervene and potentially salvage the sale.
  4. Boost User Engagement: Convert passive visitors into active participants, contributing to higher overall conversion rates and increased interaction with your content.
  5. Announcements and Alerts: Leverage impactful popups to make important announcements, grab attention, and drive conversions effectively.
  6. Grow Social Media Following: Utilize popups to expand your social media reach and followership, leveraging your website traffic to boost your online presence.

Revolutionizing Popup Editing with Gutenberg

FireBox Pro stands out by embracing the new WordPress Block Editor, Gutenberg, to redefine the popup editing experience. This innovative approach allows users to insert, rearrange, and style popups effortlessly using blocks. The block-based system eliminates the need for intricate coding, enabling users to focus on crafting compelling content. This new editing experience brings a user-friendly touch to popup creation, making it accessible to users with varying technical expertise.

Key Features of FireBox Pro:

  1. Templates Library: Access a library of ready-to-use, high-quality popup templates, ensuring a quick start to your popup campaigns.
  2. Multiple Popup Types: Enjoy versatility with various popup types, including modals, floating bars, fullscreen overlays, and other powerful conversion tools.
  3. Precision Targeting: Recognizing the uniqueness of each visitor, FireBox incorporates precision targeting to display relevant popup messages tailored to individual preferences.
  4. Smart Triggers: Utilize smart triggers to detect visitor behavior and deliver the right popup at the opportune moment, enhancing the likelihood of engagement.
  5. Built-in Analytics: Leverage built-in analytics to gain insights into popup performance, helping you understand which popups contribute most to conversions.
  6. Actions Control: Exercise control over popup events, determining specific actions for open/close events and other triggers on your website.
  7. Mobile-Friendly Design: Acknowledging the diverse landscape of online browsing, FireBox ensures 100% mobile optimization, delivering a seamless experience on various devices.
  8. Configurable Positioning: Tailor the appearance of your popups by configuring their precise location on your website, utilizing any corner to maximize visibility.

Conclusion: Elevate Your WordPress Experience with FireBox Pro

In conclusion, FireBox Pro Free Download emerges as a powerful and user-friendly WordPress Popup Builder, providing an array of tools to boost conversions, engage visitors, and enhance the overall performance of your website. Whether you’re focused on email collection, sales, or user interaction, FireBox’s versatility and innovative approach to popup editing make it a valuable asset for website administrators.

Explore the diverse possibilities that FireBox Pro unlocks, transforming your website into an interactive and conversion-driven platform. Elevate your WordPress experience with FireBox Pro and effortlessly integrate captivating popups to engage, convert, and leave a lasting impact on your audience.



Version 2.1.7

  • Adds PHP Scripts, allowing you to execute PHP code in various events.
  • Adds {fpf cookie.KEY} Smart Tag.
  • Adds {fpf post.KEY} Smart Tag that returns a $_POST value based on a key.
  • Adds {fpf}, {fpf}, {fpf geo.countrycode}, {fpf geo.region}, and {fpf geo.location} Smart Tags that return the user location details.
  • Fix: Searchable dropdowns wouldn’t return correct results when searching.
  • Fix: Button wouldn’t trigger the campaign when the old FireBox Settings were used, in some cases.
  • Fix: Typos in translations.
  • Fix: On Click > Open/Close Campaigns list may not display valid popups.
  • Fix: Opening Sound wouldn’t play in editor.
  • Improvement: Increases how many Brevo lists appear in the List field.
  • Improvement: Renames On Click > Open Another Campaign to Open Campaign.
  • Improvement: In Analytics > Performance chart, make “Views” filter appear after Conversion Rate.
  • Improvement: In Analytics charts, remember the selected filters.
  • Improvement: Adds a “fb-form-success” CSS Class to the popup instance when a form is submitted.
  • Improvement: PHP 8 deprecation warnings.

Version 2.1.6

  • Fix: When a submission is deleted, also delete its corresponding conversions from analytics.
  • Improves: Event Chart tooltip label.


Version 2.1.5

  • Display Conditions wouldn’t trigger.

Version 2.1.4

  • New: Track conversions when user clicks on the FireBox Buttons & Image blocks, Core Buttons & Image blocks.
  • New: Countdown Gutenberg block allowing you to create advanced countdown timers.
  • New: Video Gutenberg block allowing you to embed YouTube or Vimeo videos.
  • New: Map Gutenberg block allowing you to embed OpenStreetMap maps with unlimited map markers.
  • Improvement: You can now set your campaigns analytics data to not expire after a specific timeframe.
  • Improvement: Rendering of the campaign content in certain circumstances.
  • Improvement: Headings are now styled by default by the active theme.
  • Improvement: When a form is submitted but has errors, focus on the first form field.
  • Improvement: Don’t track analytics data (views, conversions) when previewing a draft campaign.
  • Change: Last 7 Days and Last 30 Days now contain the current day.
  • Change: Campaigns page table now shows columns Status, Title, Views, Conversions, Conversion Rate, and Average Time Open.
  • Change: Campaigns page table now allows sorting on columns Status, Title, Views, Conversions, Conversion Rate, and Average Time Open.
  • Change: Change “Reset Impressions” in bulk actions to “Reset Views”.
  • Fix: Welcome Email wasn’t being sent when double opt in wasn’t enabled.
  • Fix: Day of the week dimension should always appear except when viewing period is for a single day.
  • Fix: FireBox Form button may not display the loading spinner when the form is submitted under certain circumstances.
  • Fix: Cannot apply block settings to duplicated FireBox blocks.


11/12/2023 Version 2.1.3

  • Fix: Email notification message may not respect new lines under certain circumstances.
  • Fix: FireBox – Submitted Form Condition may display unrelated forms in settings.


Version 2.1.2

  • Adds “Balance” option on Heading & Paragraph blocks > Typograph > White Space setting.
  • Updates the close button icon.
  • Fix: Divider block set to 100% width wouldn’t appear when Design > Align Content was set to Middle Center.
  • Fix: Couldn’t reset Icon block colors.
  • Fix: Improves Google Analytics Tracking.
  • Fix: Floating Button does not trigger the popup immediately.


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