The most powerful WordPress RSS aggregator, helping you curate content, autoblog, import, and display unlimited RSS feeds within a few minutes.

Filter which posts you want to include when using our feed-to-post feature. Include or exclude posts based on keywords and control how many feed items get imported. Additionally, it includes more settings such as:

  • Filter by Keyword(s), Time Range
  • Map content as Page/Post
  • Auto-delete and Remove Duplicates

Feature affiliate links on your site with Feedzy, by automatically including your affiliate/referral IDs. You can even import prices from multiple sources to create product displays.

Automatically rephrase or translate your imported content with our integration (no separate subscription required). This refreshes your content, ensuring you have no duplicate content concerns.

Using the Feedzy RSS Feeds Premium Nulled, you can easily import and display Amazon products directly on your WordPress site with the Amazon integration feature. This allows you to monetize your site by earning commissions on sales generated through your affiliate links.


Version 4.3.3 (2023-12-20)


  • Added optional feature usage observer
  • Updated dependencies


  • Fixed the feed layout in the block that doesn’t correspond to the selections
  • Change wording for the first execution time field
  • Fixed post-taxonomy placeholder issue
  • Removed setting page access for non-admin users
  • Sanitized missing setting fields
  • Fixed typo on the support page
  • Fixed authenticated issue
  • Fix multiple charts facade and small google fix


2.3.2 – 12/01/2024


  • Fixed missing title paraphrasing support for the Developer plan
  • Enhanced security

2.3.1 – 20/12/2023


  • Added dropdown for OpenAI model
  • Updated dependencies

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed “Post content” string from being imported when a YouTube Feed is used

2.3.0 – 23/10/2023

New Features

  • Paraphrasing using OpenAI / Chat GPT [PRO]: This feature enables users to utilize OpenAI’s Chat GPT for paraphrasing text. It can assist in rephrasing and generating alternative wording for content.
  • Content summarization support using OpenAI / Chat GPT [PRO]: With this feature, users can access support for summarizing longer pieces of content, making it easier to condense and understand the main points of a text.
  • Added support to create a dynamic category [PRO]: Feedzy can now create WordPress categories automatically during the import by taking the category name from the RSS XML Feed.
  • Added individual fallback image setting [PRO]: This feature allows users to set specific backup images for individual import jobs, not only a general fallback image for all import jobs.
  • Ability to trim content to a particular amount of characters: Users can now trim or limit the length of content to a specified number of characters, helping to meet length requirements or constraints.
  • Integrated Search & Replace in the content of the tag feature: This integration enables users to search for specific content within tags and replace it with alternative text, streamlining content management.
  • Added action chain process support: This feature facilitates the creation of multiple actions for a single Feedzy magic tag. You can now add a tag for the import job and use multiple actions on it (paraphrase, summarize, trim, etc.).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed conflict with spintax support
  • Fixed compatibility issue with the Elementor image rendering


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