WordPress websites are a powerful tool for creating online communities, sharing content, and promoting events. If you’re looking for a premium calendar plugin that excels in both aesthetics and functionality, then EventON Nulled is your ultimate solution.

EventON is an exquisite WordPress event calendar plugin that boasts a minimal, clutter-free design. It is crafted to align with the latest design trends and ensures your calendar doesn’t just perform well but also looks fantastic. EventON has established itself as the #1 best-selling Event Calendar on CodeCanyon, and for a good reason. It comes packed with over 200+ invaluable features including highly customizable repeating events, multiple event images, unlimited event creation, advanced features like multi-data types, and language corresponding events, and much more.


Event Management:

  • Create single and multiple-day events.
  • Option for all-day events or events without an end time.
  • Easily duplicate events and exclude certain events from the calendar.
  • Save locations and organizers for re-using in future events.
  • Integrated PayPal for accepting payments for events.
  • Set event status as online or physical.
  • Virtual event locations and various event status values.
  • Integrated with Zoom for creating meetings.
  • Assign multiple organizers to an event.

Customization and Layout:

  • Multiple calendar layout designs.
  • Customize calendar month/year format and date/time formats.
  • Add custom CSS styles via EventON settings.
  • Ability to reset calendar appearance to default.
  • Custom Google Maps interactive features.
  • Display upcoming events list by months, and show featured events above others.
  • Customize all data on event rows in the calendar.
  • EventTop designer allows complete customization of the event top area.

User Interaction:

  • Various options for user-event interaction.
  • Interactive repeat event setup.
  • Mobile-specific user interaction options.
  • Lightbox-based details for organizers.
  • Social share options, including WhatsApp and event link copying.

SEO and Performance:

  • Schema SEO content support for calendar events.
  • AJAX-driven smooth month-to-month navigation.
  • WP_Query methods to speed up loading.
  • Auto-archive past events and set past events as complete.

Accessibility and User Experience:

  • RTL support for right-to-left text.
  • Option to show events only for logged-in users.
  • Gutenberg compatible shortcode generator.
  • Use universal time and date format throughout your website.
  • Local user time for events using moment.js.
  • Option to hide GMT value on events.

Third-Party Integrations:

  • Font Awesome, Google Maps API, Google Fonts API.
  • Elementor Widget, Gutenberg Block with EventON Shortcode Generator.
  • WooCommerce, Zoom API, PayPal Basic, handlebars.js.

Download EventON WordPress Plugin

EventON is not just an event calendar; it is a powerhouse packed with features that can transform your WordPress website into an engaging, dynamic, and user-friendly hub for your audience. Whether you’re managing virtual events, physical gatherings, or a combination of both, EventON is equipped to make the process seamless. With its elegant design, customization options, and robust functionality, it’s no wonder why EventON has cemented itself as the go-to calendar plugin for WordPress users. Give your events the platform they deserve with EventON.

Change log

= 4.6.4 (2024-5-7) =
ADDED: location latlon error API notices to show on page
ADDED: settings new settings field support for addons
ADDED: evo_lang function for javascript
ADDED: image loading text for feature image
FIXED: undefined errors in get_translated_datetime()
FIXED: custom date format not working with \ special characters
FIXED: image lightbox clicks open blank lightbox
FIXED: filter bar opening on multiple calendars on same page
FIXED: single event shortcode generator events list order by event title AZ
UPDATED: Font awesome library to version 6.5.2



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