Choosing the perfect platform for your educational endeavors has never been more critical. With the shift towards online learning, institutions, tutors, and learners alike are in search of robust, intuitive, and comprehensive solutions. Enter EduMall – a transformative LMS WordPress theme that promises to reshape the e-learning landscape.

At its essence, EduMall Nulled isn’t just a theme; it’s a beacon for the future of online education. It’s a professional LMS education center WordPress theme tailored to meet the diverse needs of education centers, individual educators, universities, and everyone in between. Designed with cutting-edge UI/UX in mind, EduMall ensures a user experience that’s both immersive and efficient.

Features that Elevate EduMall

Incorporation of Tutor LMS

EduMall’s heart and soul revolve around its integration with Tutor LMS, one of the most renowned learning management systems out there. This integration empowers users with tools ranging from curriculum development to intricate quiz settings and earnings distribution.

Real-time Interaction with Zoom

Acknowledging the value of live interactions, The themehas ingeniously integrated Zoom video conferencing. This paves the way for dynamic live classes, fostering engagement and facilitating instantaneous feedback.

Course Marketplace Creation

EduMall allows users to mold their bespoke course marketplace. It caters to diverse requirements, be it a single instructor course or a multi-instructor platform.

Engaging Course Review System

In the pursuit of excellence, feedback remains paramount. EduMall incorporates a system that encourages students to rate and share reviews, offering educators crucial insights for refinement.

Versatile Course Layouts

Recognizing that courses differ in structure and content, This theme offers a plethora of layouts. From simple lectures to extensive course modules, there’s an apt layout for every need.

Effortless Setup with One-Click Demo Import

Institutions keen on a hassle-free start will find the one-click demo import feature invaluable. A single click populates your setup with demo content, streamlining the initial process.

Optimized for Mobile Learning

In our mobile-centric era, EduMall shines by being fully optimized for mobile devices, ensuring learners enjoy a seamless experience regardless of the device.

Empowering Monetization Options

Beyond education, EduMall equips users with monetization tools. The theme’s seamless WooCommerce integration transforms course selling into a straightforward affair.

Certification & Achievement Badges

This theme appreciates accomplishments. Learners can receive downloadable certificates and badges upon course culmination, amplifying motivation and recognition.

Unwavering Support & Timely Updates

Investing in EduMall means securing a constantly evolving e-learning ally. Along with dedicated support, users receive regular updates, ensuring compatibility with the latest WordPress versions and e-learning methodologies.

Conclusion: EduMall – The Forefront of E-Learning Evolution

When it comes to e-learning, the right platform can make all the difference. With its vast array of features, seamless integrations, and an unwavering focus on user experience, EduMall Theme Free Download has set a new benchmark in the realm of online education. It’s not just about presenting content; it’s about crafting memorable, engaging, and transformative learning experiences. And for those on the quest for such a platform, EduMall emerges as an impeccable choice. In a world where education is continuously evolving, aligning with a tool like EduMall ensures you’re always a step ahead. So, embrace the future of e-learning, and let EduMall guide the way.


Version 3.9.1 – Feb 23rd, 2024


Tutor LMS Pro plugin 2.6.1


Out-date WooCommerce templates version 8.6.0

Fix Responsive issue

Fix Dark skin style

Fix Header Category show draft courses

Version 3.9.0 – Jan 31st, 2024


Changed popup login/register modal to separate pages.

Use native login form from Tutor plugin to working smooth with Email verification, 2FA, Limit login sessions.
⚠️ (Requires enabling Enable Tutor Login in Tutor LMS Pro > Settings > Advanced > Options > Enable Tutor Login)

Edumall Addons plugin 1.2.1


Out-date WooCommerce templates version 8.5.0

Version 3.8.0 – Jan 22nd, 2024


Tutor LMS plugin 2.6.0

Revolution Slider plugin – v.6.6.20

ThemeMove Addons For Elementor plugin – v.1.3.2


Fix custom course permalink is not working properly.

Fix single quiz permalink is not working properly.

Fix out-date Buddypress templates ver 12.0.0.

Fix shortcode tutor_course not display properly.

Version 3.7.0 – Jan 10th, 2024


Show notification button on dashboard page.

Add pagination for enrolled courses in dashboard page.

Add load more button for qna section in course single.


PHP warning raising when limit active login sessions feature on.

Course create submitted message not showing.

Version 3.6.0 – Dec 19th, 2023


Fix items per view setting of Elementor Carousel & Grid widgets not working properly on mobile.

Fix Single Course Responsive

Version 3.5.9 – Dec 14th, 2023


Tested up with BuddyPress 12.0.0


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