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WPAdverts Premium Free Download v2.1.3 + All Addons Pack


2.1.3 – 2024-03-18

  • FIXED: XSS vulnerability in administration panel.
  • FIXED: Patched CSFR vulnerability.
  • FIXED: Replaced esc_attr_e() functions with esc_attr() where applicable.
  • FEATURE: Compiled blocks using updated libraries (improved performance when using blocks in the wp-admin panel).

2.1.2 – 2024-02-19

  • FIXED: List Data input not working correctly in the Classifieds Manage block
  • FIXED: Contact Phone button in Contact Block should be hidden when the phone is not provided.
  • FIXED: Changes to some phrases in the wp-admin / Classifieds / Options to make them more self explanatory.
  • FIXED: $_checksum_args property missing (causing a notice/warning in the Classifieds Publish block).
  • FIXED: Selecting “None” in the taxonomy rendering option is not working correclty.
  • FIXED: Data Table block not filtering fields correclty by the include_fields option.
  • FIXED: Classifieds Search block not loading CSS code.
  • FIXED: Not possible to move the Single Notification block.
  • API: wpadverts/block/single-contact/contact-options filter added.
  • API: wpadverts/block/field/types filter allows registering new field types.
  • API: Introduced is_visible property to the contact options API

2.1.1 – 2023-11-15

  • FEATURE: More accurate field type classes in the HTML code generated for the block inputs.
  • FIXED: Block Single Data Table not filtering by exclude_fields correctly.
  • FIXED: Block Single Value generating a fatal error.
  • FIXED: Custom Post Types and Taxonomies not restoring correctly in the wp-admin / Classifieds / Options / Core / Types panel.
  • FIXED: Block “radio” inputs generating with incorrect name (with a [] at the end).
  • FIXED: In the block rendering checking if {input}_block is a function name.
  • API: wpadverts/block/tpl/wrap/value filter added to the wpadverts_block_tpl_wrap() function.
  • API: adverts_manage_edit_back_button filter in [adverts_manage]
  • API: adverts_manage_edit_public_link filter in [adverts_manage]
  • LANGUAGE: Updated German translation.

2.1.0 – 2023-08-23

  • FEATURE: 5 new Classifieds Single blocks allow visually building Ad details pages.
  • FEATURE: Classifieds Categories block allows auto-detecting current category and hiding the ‘No categories found’ text.
  • FEATURE: CSS classes added meta items generated in the Classifieds List block.
  • FIXED: Warning in the Classifieds Manage block

2.0.5 – 2023-05-24

  • FIXED: Blocks JavaScript compiled without references to js.map files.
  • FIXED: Classifieds List block “posts per page” option not saving.
  • API: wpadverts_disable_gallery_backcompat filter added to disable gallery backward compatibility.