WoodMart v7.5.1

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  • Create Date January 11, 2023
  • Last Updated May 16, 2024

WoodMart v7.5.1

WoodMart Changelog

19-04-2024 – Update version 7.5.1

  • FIXED: Source tag for product gallery in loop. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Checkout layout issue with WooCommerce Order Attribution option enabled. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Mobile menu problem. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Enqueue magnific library in side hidden tabs. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Remove duplicate price for variable product with Quick shop issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Maintenance page style issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Product attributes tooltips issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Typography control with WP Bakery page builder issue.
  • UPDATE: WooCommerce template. (Topic)

18-01-2024 – Update version 7.4.3

  • FIXED: Checkout fields manager conflict with WooCommerce Version 8.5.0. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Drilldown back button. (Topic)
  • FIXED: AJAX product tabs spacing issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Single product image with Photoswipe issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: PHP notices. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Sticky container option in RTL. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Result count element update after load more products. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Add custom field option in edit product page. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Updating url after use PhotoSwipe gallery. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Notices with WooCommerce 8.5.0. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Show single variation with draft product status issue. (Topic)
  • FIXED: “View details” button in “Quick view”. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Product labels visibility in carousel with “Lazy loading” enabled in Safari browser. (Topic)
  • FIXED: Carousel overflow issue in Safari browser (Topic)

09-01-2024 – Update version 7.4.2

  • FIXED: Mobile navigation console error.
  • FIXED: WPML Languages header builder element.
  • FIXED: Enqueue Swiper carousel script issue.
  • FIXED: Single product swatches variations issue.
  • FIXED: Header background overlay option conflicts with header banner style issue.
  • FIXED: Background gradient control in WPBakery page builder.
  • FIXED: Login to see add to cart and prices with Woodmart layout issue.
23-11-2023 – Update version 7.3.4
  • FIXED: WPBakery elements editor controls.
  • UPDATE: Activation API server.
04-10-2023 – Update version 7.3.2
  • FIXED: Dynamic discount table for non-logged in users.
  • FIXED: Typography settings.
  • FIXED: WoodMart Author Information widget issue.
  • FIXED: Output HTML-Block content without builder issue.
  • FIXED: Image zoom in single product page issue.
  • FIXED: Login user issue.
  • FIXED: Enqueue css with Elementor builder.
  • FIXED: Performance bug with custom image size.
  • FIXED: Frequently bought together with tax price issue.
  • FIXED: Elementor “Container” padding option with “Container stretch” option enabled.
  • FIXED: Mobile menu sub-menu opener with HTML-block sub-menu.
  • UPDATE: WooCommerce template.

07-09-2023 – Update version 7.3.1

  • FIXED: Checkout column layout issue.
  • FIXED: Hover on product “Show summary on hover” issue.
  • FIXED: PHP errors.
Update version 7.2.5
  • FIXED: Security issue.
  • FIXED: Frequently bought together calculation bundle products price issue.
  • FIXED: Page anchor in mobile menu issue.
  • FIXED: Quick show 2 with select default attributes.
  • FIXED: Frequently bought together with tax price issue.
  • FIXED: AJAX Search with product category issue.
  • FIXED: Frequently bought together element in single product builder issue.
  • FIXED: Wishlists Popular products issue.
  • FIXED: PHP errors.
  • FIXED: Enqueue style for off canvas button element.
  • FIXED: Shop archive products element with WoodMart Layouts.
  • FIXED: Single product video in carousel with Google Tag Manager plugin issue.
  • FIXED: Change product image on attribute click issue.
  • FIXED: Product filters element issue.
  • FIXED: Output background image in Image hotspot element for Elementor builder.
  • FIXED: Products (grid or carousel) element with WoodMart Layouts.
  • FIXED: Quick shop on variation click issue.
  • FIXED: Output checkout content with WoodMart Layouts.
  • FIXED: PHP errors in admin panel.
  • FIXED: Extra menu list element for WPBakery Page Builder.
  • FIXED: Single product gallery with auto height option issue.
  • FIXED: Search by product SKU with WPML plugin issue.
  • FIXED: Output linked product.
  • FIXED: Single product custom tabs issue.
  • FIXED: Duplicate WooCommerce structured data generation.
  • UPDATE: WooCommerce template.
11-05-2023 – Update version 7.2.4
  • FIXED: Output linked variation product issue.
  • FIXED: Output email content issue.
  • FIXED: Google social login issue.
  • FIXED: Performance bug with translate.
  • FIXED: Adding products in wishlist and compare list with WPML plugin issue.