WeePie Cookie Allow (v3.4.8) (Complete GDPR / AVG / CCPA Cookie Compliance) Free Download

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WeePie Cookie Allow (v3.4.8) (Complete GDPR / AVG / CCPA Cookie Compliance) Free Download

Changelog: WeePie Cookie Allow plugin

[v3.4.8] 17-03-2023
NEW: Google consent mode (v2)

[v3.4.7] 17-12-2023
fixed: data table stylings responsiveness
fixed: custom styles not working (e.g. button colors not loaded)
fixed: SVG icon titles not translatable and removed WeePie Cookie Allow text from it
fixed: the default text for the “click to accept all cookies” button in the placeholder has a typo

[v3.4.6] 17-11-2023
fixed: PHP 7.4 compatibility syntax error regarding unexpected | character

[v3.4.5] 06-11-2023
NEW: choose to block YouTube no-cookie embeds
NEW: compatibility for the Agile Store Locator plugin
NEW: 3rd party: Matomo Tag Manager
NEW: 3rd party: Pixel your site
NEW: 3rd party: Google reCAPTCHA
NEW: 3rd party: Google Analytics (ecommerce)
NEW: 3rd party: Microsoft Clarity
NEW: 3rd party: WhatsApp
fixed: icons sometimes trigger a 403 error (PHP file direct access)
fixed: PHP 8 deprecated warnings (both WeePie Framework / Plugin)
improved: new Framework use of wp_add_inline_script() and wp_add_inline_style()

[v3.4.4] 19-11-2022
NEW: option to fetch the bar/box HTML with the WP rest API

[v3.4.3] 08-10-2022
fixed: WPML installs not fetching correct language for the bar/box/popup
fixed: console error when HTML comments are stripped and script is wrapped
fixed: frontend ajax context param not correct
refactor: (WeePie Framework): function checking  if ajax requests
added: (WeePie Framework): function to common js to check required properties

[v3.4.2] 24-04-2022
fixed: PHP 8 Deprecated warnings
fixed: compatibility errors with MaxMind GeoIP2 library in WordFence
fixed: Avada theme compatibility where the wrapper HTML was not loaded
fixed: the upgrade notice message is now dissmisable

[v3.4.1] 25-01-2022
fixed: revert last change in the regex pattern for inline JavaScript
fixed: changelog URL not correct in the admin settings notice

[v3.4] 23-01-2022
NEW: possibility to show the closing (X) inside the bar/box
NEW: possibility to show the cookie settings pop-up trigger as hyperlink
NEW: possibility to show a configurable reconsider icon
NEW: configurable title attribute for the settings icon in the bar/box
fixed: CCPA logic not working with caching (bar/box/pop-up HTML now loaded client-side)
fixed: typo in consent log settings page
fixed: button CSS for the cookie category settings box
fixed: remove not working with caching warnings
fixed: name space ajax context for consent logging
fixed: inline JavaScript with HTML tags inside are not blocked
fixed: PHP warning Invalid argument supplied for foreach
fixed: saving cookie categories fails while consent has been given already
fixed: settings icon style field not being hided
added: JavaScript frontend custom event wpca.popup:show
added: JavaScript frontend custom event wpca.popup:hide


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