(v5.3.6) WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency Free Download

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(v5.3.6) WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency Free Download


Version 5.3.6

  • [WordPress 6.5] Compatibility adjustments for String Translation.
  • Fixed an issue with updating the plugin in Standalone mode when it does not have a WPML site key.

Version 5.3.5

  • Fixed a security issue by removing dead code.
  • Reverted the payment gateway optimizations due to regressions.


Version 5.3.4

  • Fixed a security issue.
  • Fixed all BACS accounts loaded on the confirmation page.


  • Changed the admin notice for the future WPML Export and Import add-on.


Version 5.3.3


  • Fixed an issue causing bank details to display twice on the confirmation page (regression introduced in WCML 5.3).
  • Fixed an issue with duplicated product translations not opening with the Advanced Translation Editor (ATE).
  • Added an admin notice for the future WPML Export and Import add-on.
  • [WooCommerce Bookings] Fixed the quick actions and bulk actions.
  • [WooCommerce Bookings] Fixed an issue with the synchronization of the booking status from the secondary language to the default language.


  • Improved the time to update a variable product with many variations.


Version 5.3.2

  • Reverted the fix “Save order notes in the default language” because it was causing the “Thank you” message to appear in the wrong language.


Version 5.3.1

  • Fixed an issue where missing Stripe keys in the secondary currency were causing failures during checkout.


Version 5.3.0


  • Implemented full support for High Performance Order Storage (HPOS).
  • Implemented translation of product attribute labels in the WooCommerce REST API, enhancing multilingual support for product attributes in API responses.
  • Added the option to use WPML Export and Import with the built-in WooCommerce exporter to create an export file with products in all languages when the admin language switcher is set to “All languages”.
  • Added support to translate payment gateway strings when using the Checkout block.


  • Fixed the currency symbol display in an empty mini-cart when a user logs in.
  • Fixed missing attributes in the attribute filter widget.
  • Resolved deprecated calls to ‘wp_admin_bar_header’ and ‘print_emoji_styles’ (since WP 6.4).
  • Fixed a visual regression in the setup admin notice by adjusting CSS dependencies and applying necessary styling.
  • Fixed a potential fatal error when translating an image.
  • Fixed a bug in WCML_Comments::recalculate_comment_rating() for sub-sites.
  • Fixed the currency switcher in WooCommerce → Reports for standalone setup.
  • Fixed saving products in one blog after saving a product in another blog.
  • Fixed a bug with updating product categories via REST API.
  • Fixed a bug caused by an empty number of decimals set for the secondary currency.
  • Fixed a bug with missing translations for product variations with the attribute set to “any”.
  • Fixed a bug in woocommerce_shortcode_products_query filter that was preventing the correct handling of the relations in arguments passed to the filter.
  • Fixed the Product Filter – Price widget when used with a secondary currency.
  • Fixed a bug with price rounding in a secondary currency.
  • Honored the WPML setting for auto-generating or translating the slug when translating a product.
  • Added the option to save order notes in the default language.
  • Set the user language according to the current language when a profile is created during checkout.


  • Improved performance by loading shipping and payment gateways only when needed.
  • Improved performance when sorting products in custom order.
  • Improved performance when multicurrency is disabled by deactivating geolocation.
  • Optimized the loading of frontend assets.


  • [WC Bookings] Fixed the booking calendar not being displayed when using custom prices.
  • [WC Bookings] Fixed the issue of double email notifications when changing booking status.
  • [WC Bookings] Fixed the synchronization of the order ID to booking translations under certain circumstances.
  • [WC Bookings] Fixed the display of product titles in the “My Bookings” page when ‘display-as-translated’ is used.
  • [WC Bookings] Fixed the translation of booking cancellation email notifications
  • [WC Product Addons] Fixed the multicurrency integration broken in version 6.5.0.
  • [Yikes Custom Tabs] Fixed a bug to make custom tabs always translatable.
  • [Stripe] Enhanced the handling of test keys for the gateway in multicurrency settings.
  • [Elementor] Implemented skipping of filtering for product archive templates.


  • Updated the embedded OTGS Installer to version 3.1.2.
  • Raised the WPML requirement to version 4.6.5.