The7 v11.12.2

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The7 v11.12.2

The7 Theme Changelog

v.11.12.2 (May 1, 2024)

Enhanced compatibility with The Events Calendar. The7 Elementor widgets now display past events.

Bug Fix:
Fixed an issue where Single Page import sometimes did not include attachments.

v.11.10.0 (Nov 30, 2023)

New Features:
1. Introduced the Product Images List Widget.
2. "AJAX" pagionation option was added to loops. 

1. Added a new variant of the scroller to the product image for loops.
2. Enhanced compatibility of Attributes and Taxonomy filters.

Bug Fixes:
1. Resolved an issue where using "Any [attribute]" value in a variation made the attribute invisible in the Products widget.
2. Addressed the display issue with the Before/After shortcode.
3. Fixed the problem where out-of-stock variations did not show the "Out" styling.
4. Corrected the image ratio height issue in Elementor flex containers.
5. Adjusted the incorrect positioning of default WooCommerce filters in the Collapsible

v. (Oct 13, 2023)

Bug Fixes:
1. Addressed the issue causing an "Uncaught TypeError: count()" in `/dt-the7/inc/extensions/custom-meta-boxes/metabox-fields.php:258`.
2. Resolved the problem where the "Related" source mode stopped functioning in Posts Masonry & Grid.

v.11.9.2 (Oct 10, 2023)

Updated WooCommerce templates for enhanced compatibility.

Bug Fixes:
1. Resolved the issue where the Filter bar displays incorrect categories for The7 Products.
2. Fixed the problem where the "Show drop-down cart" setting was non-functional.
3. Addressed the WPB "Single Image" issue where it doesn't open full-sized images in a lightbox.
4. Corrected the scrolling behavior of the slider.
5. Resolved the issue with The7 Product data tab widget, where in mobile/accordion mode, it jumps to the top upon click.

v.11.9.1 (Sep 22, 2023)

1. Introduced a feature in the Taxonomy filter to add a background color for the normal state.
2. Implemented a compatibility fix for the WCAPF plugin.
3. Revised the functionality of the Health Check in terms of disabled taxonomies.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed the issue in Text Block where the color setting doesn't affect Headings.
2. Addressed the problem in the Loop Slider with an absent setting for the number of displayed posts.
3. Enhanced the Loop Slider and Loop Grid & Masonry to ensure product overlays are properly displayed in the admin interface.
4. Resolved the issue related to button clicks within overlay templates.

v.11.9.0 (Sep 15, 2023)

New Features:
1. Introduced color attributes in the product list.
2. Added the new "The7 Loop Add to Cart" widget.
3. Launched the "The7 Loop Product Rating" widget.
4. Released new "The7 Loop Product Image" widget.
5. Integrated the dynamic content popup feature.

Updated the image widget to have the same changes in the logic of transform timings and overlay operation as in the shop image.

Bug Fixes:
1. Corrected the incorrect gap between Loop columns.
2. Fixed the issue where The7ElementorAnimation was not defined.
3. Resolved the misalignment issue in the product gallery widget appearing in the popup.
4. Fixed the Loop Masonry, where the "Pagination" tab appeared empty when the source was set to "Related".
5. Adjusted the isotope container to prevent it from having an insufficient height.
6. Resolved the problem where the image overlay template hover would hide upon load.
7. Fixed the issue that prevented the closure of WooCommerce notices.

v.11.8.1 (Aug 11, 2023)

Ensured compatibility with WooCommerce 8.0.x and WPBakery Page Builder 7.0.x.

1. Improved animations in The7 Image widget:
    - animations inside the overlay are being triggered every time (as opposed to only once);
    - separate settings for overlay fade-in and fade-out timings;
    - separate timing settings for forward and backward image transform.
2. When importing a single page and the "main menu" does not exist, the next existing menu will be displayed (as opposed to all pages).
3. Added an option to disable links in the Post taxonomies widget.

Bug Fixes:
1. Integrated "The7 Icons" into the Accordion WPB shortcode.
2. Fixed an issue where "Add to cart" doesn't work for variable products after the theme update.
3. Resolved the problem where "Exclude by term" doesn't work in the Products Category.
4. Ensures the functioning of WooCommerce products inside loop widgets, particularly the current query in categories and filters.
5. Fixed the bullets navigation problem when two Sliders are present on a page.
6. Corrected the issue where The7 widgets display variations despite being hidden in WooCommerce settings.
v.11.7.3 (Jun 30, 2023)
1. Fixed an issue where descriptions were exceeding the column width in The7 Products.
2. Resolved problems with The7 Slider after the Swiper Library update (related to the Elementor feature).
3. Addressed the issue where pointer events were not working inside slides in The7 Slides widgets.
4. Corrected a problem where the mini-cart became invisible on refresh.
v.11.7.2 (Jun 22, 2023)
1. Fixed an issue where the "home" menu item (#!/up) is not being highlighted.
2. Resolved the incompatibility issue with Elementor PRO 3.14.0.
v. (Jun 14, 2023)
Enhanced comments performance.

1. Fixed the issue where vertical scroll doesn't work on mobiles on pages with PhotoScroller.
2. Resolved an issue where the sticky sections don't function properly with specific settings combinations.
v.11.7.1 (Jun 12, 2023)
1. "Image" widget, border-radius setting is made responsive.
2. Added hover effects for the "Image" widget.
3. Renamed "Content" into "Layout" in the "Login Form" widget.

1. Resolved the issue of an unwanted scroll to the top when using the "load more" pagination.
2. Fixed the broken layout in the "Multipurpose Carousel" when an icon is disabled.
3. Addressed a bug where the theme doesn't check the availability of the "loop" module and returns a fatal error.
4. Corrected the issue of the WPB "Single Image" opening the lightbox with the same image instead of the full one.
5. Fixed double click issue on mobile in posts widgets.
6. Rectified a mismatch between the backend and frontend in the "Image Box" widget.
7. Addressed missing fade animation issue in "The7 Icon" widget, if .SVG and stroke are used.
8. Added hooks for WooCommerce product image size.
v.11.7.0 (May 18, 2023)
New Features:
1. Introduced a widget for inserting SVG images with color customization.
2. "The7 Image" widget was added.
3. Added "The7 Post Taxonomies" widget for displaying categories and tags.
4. Introduced "The7 Heading" widget.
5. New "The7 Masonry & Grid Loop" widget.

1. Enabled default variation in "Products Masonry & Grid".
2. Login/logout widget - introduced color change for sticky.
3. Added "%" to image opacity input (to avoid confusion).
4. Added "%" unit for decoration height and border-radius in Menu widget.
5. Updated WooCommerce 7.7.0 templates.
6. Updated UK_uk language file.
7. Added The7 widgets to the recommended list for post-building.
8. Updated info regarding PHP versions in style.css.

1. No animation on the "add to cart" buttons in shop widgets.
2. Decoration color change is not working when scrolling to an active item in the Horizontal Menu widget.
3. "Hotel Booking" plugin buttons shift issue.
4. Wrong image height animation on page load.
5. Menu item with an anchor doesn't get activated on scroll.
6. Indicator color change issue in the Vertical Menu widget.
7. Horizontal Menu. The first divider is missing; decoration animation timing issues.  
8. Missing animation on SVG icons in Tabs.
9. Mega-menu images are not showing up in a floating header.
10. Visibility issue of +/- icons on the Cart page on Linux systems.
11. Overlay hover regression in the Posts Masonry & Grid widget.
12. Undefined array key "svg_icon" error.
13. Desktop masonry columns are working incorrectly.
14. Removed console.log() in /dt-the7/js/compatibility/elementor/gallery-scroller.min.js.

Other minor improvements and changes.

v.11.6.4 (Apr 14, 2023)

1. Fixed issue with attribute filters not being imported.
2. Resolved issue with widget animations not working on slides when 2+ slides are displayed on one screen in the template slider.
3. Fixed broken image proportions issue in Safari on mobile devices.
4. Corrected invalid button HTML in "The7 Image Box Grid" widget.