The Checkout v3.3.10 Nulled (Prestashop v1.6-v1.7-v8x)

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The Checkout v3.3.10 Nulled (Prestashop v1.6-v1.7-v8x)

Version 3.3.10 - 3/19/2024

PrestaShop compatibility: - 8.1.5
[feature] Copy phone number from invoice to delivery address, if phone number is disabled in delivery address
[fix-payment] datatranscw v4.0.193 - by customweb ltd
[fix-payment] redsysinsite v2.2.1 - by idnovate
[fix] Unable to set quantity from 2 to 1 using '-' button in cart summary
[fix-payment] popup mode for przelewy24's BLIK payment
[feature] New config option - 'Use old address on reorder'
[fix] Assign already used address when expanding second address form
[fix] Show 'free' carrier price when free shipping cart rule is used
[fix] Implemented new PS 8 Security password policy
[fix-payment] popup mode for paynow's BLIK payment
[fix-shipping] latvijaspastsexpresspastspostterminalslv v1
[feature] New config option - 'shipping/payment logos on the right'
[fix] Silent registration did overwrite also existing customer's first/lastname
[fix-shipping] dhlassistant v1.7
[feature] New config option 'Assign Address to Customer ASAP'
[fix] With silent registration enabled, firstname/l

Version 3.3.9 - 9/14/2023

PrestaShop compatibility: - 8.1.1
[fix-shipping] dpdbaltics v3.2.15
[fix-payment] pm_applepay v2.1.1
[fix-shipping] apaczka shipping v1.1.0
[fix-shipping] lpshipping v1.0.17
[fix] With Initialize Address config option, new (empty) carts were created on /order visit
[feature] eicaptcha module support (ReCaptcha)
[feature] Added notice 'You already have an account with us. Sign in or continue as guest.' to email field.
[fix-shipping] mondialrelay 3.3.7 by ScaleDEV
[fix] Google places (autocomplete) did not trigger for second address when initially collapsed
[fix] Better context errors when checkout steps are enabled
[feature] Display effective tax rate in cart summary
[fix-payment] Paypal card payment (ACDC) in official Paypal module
[fix] Config option to display Paypal express checkout button in Log-in area
[fix] Duplicated slide-down of carrier extra information
[fix-payment] Stripe_official, implemented redirect mode
[fix] FB social login button styling and FB action on login page
[fix-shipping] fspickupatsto

Version 3.3.8 - 5/17/2023

PrestaShop compatibility: - 8.0.4
[fix] Allow multiple 'sticky' elements in a column
[feature] Display google and fb social login also on PS native login page
[fix-payment] Braintreeofficial v1.2.5


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