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WooCommerce Smart Coupons v9.4.0 Download

WooCommerce Smart Coupons Changelog

Version 9.4.0

RELEASED ON 2024.06.19
Coupon option to 'Apply discount on' cheapest or costliest items of the cart
Uncaught Error: Call to a member function is_type() on bool in class-wc-sc-product-columns.php
Available coupons not visible in cart [WooCommerce Block] Translations

Version 9.3.0 RELEASED ON 2024.06.14
  • Tested up to WordPress 6.5.4
  • Tested up to WooCommerce 8.9.3
  • Coupons were not being automatically applied when changing the shipping method
  • Auto-apply is not working with the minimum and maximum spend amount of the coupon
  • Translations
Version 9.2.0 RELEASED ON 2024.06.07
  • PHP Fatal error - Unsupported operand types string * int
  • Revamp 'Store Credit' calculation while creating manual orders from admin panel
  • Translations
Version 9.1.0 RELEASED ON 2024.05.31
  • When Smart Coupons is active and WooCommerce is deactivated, it results in a fatal error
  • The same block of JavaScript code is being added multiple times on the Checkout page
  • Added translation for the entire DateTimePicker of the plugin
  • Added information about whether the cart and the checkout page are block-enabled or not, under WooCommerce > Status
  • Improved the format of the data shown by the plugin and the format of the data coming in the report from the page WooCommerce > Status
  • Removed an extra space from the link 'Smart Coupons Settings' on the 'Bulk generate' page
  • Translations
Version 9.0.1 RELEASED ON 2024.05.22
  • PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'AutomatticWooCommerceStoreApiStoreApi' not found with lower version of WooCommerce
  • Translations
Version 8.23.0RELEASED ON 2024.05.03
  • Auto-generating coupons is not copying the 'Product quantity based restrictions' from parent coupon
  • Handle sequence of application of store credit when 'Apply before tax' is enabled
  • Restrict the enqueue of Smart Coupons' JavaScript code to only required places
  • Convert the jQuery code to native JavaScript code
  • Translations
Version 8.22.0RELEASED ON 2024.04.25
  • Improvements to the coupon discount calculations at order level when 'Apply before tax' is disabled
  • Translations
Version 8.14.0RELEASED ON 2024.01.19
  • Translation files (PO & MO files) for German language
  • Product that is selling store credit of any amount, is not adding to cart when the add to cart is happening via AJAX
  • POT, PO & MO file
Version 8.13.0RELEASED ON 2024.01.12
  • Uncaught Error: Cannot use object of type stdClass as array
  • When store credit is fully covering the order total making the amount to be paid as 0 (zero), on trying to place such order, it's always giving the error 'No payment method provided' [WC Blocks]
  • Handle display of coupon field 'Auto apply?' using JavaScript ES6 instead of jQuery
  • New filter 'wc_sc_force_validate_allowed_emails' to control the behavior of validation of allowed emails
  • Add appropriate message when coupon is removed after email validation
  • 'Action Scheduler' updated to version 3.7.0
  • POT, PO & MO file
Version 8.12.0 RELEASED ON 2024.01.02
  • Auto-apply coupon not working correctly with Payment method restriction
  • New filter hook 'wc_sc_allow_custom_refund_amount' to allow custom refund amount from order edit admin page
  • Improvement to early return from method 'smart_coupon_get_discount'
  • POT, PO & MO file
Version 8.11.0RELEASED ON 2023.12.08
  • WordPress 6.4.2 compatible
  • Coupon applied via Coupon Shareable link was not reflecting in Side Cart [WooCommerce Side Cart Premium by XootiX]
  • Exponential notation in custom price was not getting processed correctly for store credit of any amount, causing generation of store credit of higher value
  • Undefined variable: $calculated_product_price
  • POT, PO & MO file
Version 8.10.0RELEASED ON 2023.12.02
  • Use native WooCommerce hook 'woocommerce_loop_add_to_cart_link' to replace 'Add to cart' button in 'loop' (archive pages like 'shop' page)
  • Replace 'woocommerce.com' with 'woo.com'
  • POT, PO & MO file