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  • Create Date October 19, 2023
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ShopWP Pro v8.6.2 Download

ShopWP Changelog


  • Fixed: Fixed bug causing syncing to fail when using a Windows-based web server
  • Improved: Added better error handling during sync processing
  • Improved: Added colour to the list of color swatch option labels
  • Improved: Products will no longer show an out of stock notice when linking to modal, or PDP pages
  • Improved: Added support for WordPress 6.5.2


  • New: Added new plugin setting for changing checkout button text color
  • New: Added support for WordPress 6.5.2
  • New: The UI for cart line item pricing has been redesigned
  • New: Added new shortcode setting: show_variant_button_labels
  • Fixed: Bug causing image zoom feature to lock scroll on mobile
  • Fixed: Bug causing feature image to disappear when using placeholder
  • Fixed: PHP warning Undefined array key et_fb
  • Fixed: Now suppressing PHP warnings when running filegetcontents on shopwp.log
  • Improved: You can now adjust the product title's letter spacing
  • Improved: Improved error handling for the Storefront component
  • Improved: The cart note will now remain selected after a user enters a note
  • Improved: Increased height of the notes field
  • Improved: Mobile Cart UI has been improved
  • Improved: Improved client side error handling using maybeHandleApiError


  • Fixed: Bug in Storefront component causing no products to show when setting multiple tags as initial selections
  • Fixed: Cart lineitem quantity field will now properly respect inventory levels
  • Improved: The cart discount UI has been reorganized
  • Improved: Added placeholder image for cart line item when no image is assigned to variant
  • Improved: Product reviews component will conform to the "show reviews" setting
  • Improved: Cart icon styles have been slightly improved
  • Improved: Moved more CSS from JavaScript into stylesheets
  • Improved: Added support for WordPress 6.5.0
  • Dev: Added new JavaScript filter product.variants
  • Docs: Added doc for product.requestSettings
  • Docs: Added doc for product.variants


  • Improved: Increased the cart update delay time after entering a cart note
  • Improved: The list of Shopify collections will always be cached (until cleared) to save on Shopify API bandwidth


  • Fixed: Error: No cart id found ... when adding items to the cart
  • Fixed: Yotpo reviews bug causing products to occasionally disappear
  • Fixed: Bug causing product CSS styles to disappear when using modal
  • Fixed: Bug causing Reviews component to fail when showing in Modal
  • Improved: Added additional spacing to the
  • Dev: Update JavaScript dependencies
  • Fixed: Removed misc warning messages
  • Improved: Updated JavaScript dependencies
  • Fixed: Bug causing new layout builder templates to be created on plugin activation, if existing templates are in draft mode
  • Fixed: Bug causing new Yotpo reviewnhmmmmmmmmmmm€rrrrrj|s submission to fail when Shopify store is password protected
  • Fixed: Removed the PHP deprecated notice: Creation of dynamic property $default_cart_checkout_button_text is deprecated
  • Improved: The review rating labels (bad, good, etc) now correctly corresponds to the selected star
  • Dev: Updated the wp-background-processing dependency to 1.3.1
  • Dev: Updated JavaScript dependenciesvbggggggggggggggggggggggggg


  • Fixed: The search block now correctly shows the right controls
  • Fixed: Bug causing new Yotpo reviews to fail
  • Improved: No longer caching cart contents to ensure correct cart ID
  • Improved: No longer assigning products as an ARIA role
  • Improved: Moved some CSS out of the JavaScript and into dedicated stylesheets


  • Fixed: Bug causing the ShopWP cart to fail on page load


  • Fixed: PHP Warning: Undefined array key beginCheckout
  • Fixed: Products not loading when using a custom template from a page builder such as Elementor
  • Improved: Added alt text to generated zoom image


  • New: There is now a plugin setting to customize the cart checkout button text
  • Fixed: Syncing bug causing images to fail to upload when PHP function mime_content_type unavailable
  • Fixed: Syncing bug causing tags and options to sync, even when turned off
  • Fixed: Bug in product block font-size selector causing broken styling
  • Fixed: Bug causing max_quantity to fail under certain circumstances
  • Fixed: Resetting PDP template layout would incorrectly show multiple products
  • Fixed: Removed the browser warning message "Third-party cookie will be blocked"
  • Improved: Now removing third-party notices on all ShopWP admin pages
  • Improved: Syncing media has been improved when checking for existing images using media_already_exists
  • Improved: Added JavaScript hook product.optionName to dropdown labels as well
  • Improved: Added support for WordPress version 6.4.3
  • Improved: The "items per request" syncing setting can now be reduced to 1. This should help improve syncing in certain cases.
  • Improved: Some featured images no longer appear as "stretched"
  • Improved: Product images now have an aria-label attribute set with the value of the product title
  • Dev: Added a new JavaScript filter for customizing the cart checkout button text cart.checkoutButtonText


  • Fixed: Bug causing settings to disappear when javascriptOverrides is null
  • Fixed: Bug causing old webpack chunks to load incorrectly
  • Fixed: Wrong label and help text within the image sizing block setting
  • Improved: Added better accessibility to the product and cart HTML

New: You can now auto tag a ShopWP order with the WordPress domain in Shopify Learn more
New: Any custom ShopWP JavaScript can now be added in the plugin settings Learn more
New: Added ability to filter products by product id in ShopWP blocks
Fixed: Syncing bug causing missing images when image is not set as featured
Fixed: Added z-index to the search modal to prevent hiding results behind other layout items
Fixed: Removed various deprecated PHP notices when debug turned on
Fixed: Bug preventing quantity in cart from updating when clicking add to cart button multiple times
Improved: Admin mobile styles
Improved: Increased syncing timeout to 120 seconds from 30 seconds
Improved: Removing synced data has been improved when deleting thousands of products
Dev: Added new PHP filter: shopwp_register_shopify_product_tag_tax
Dev: Added new PHP filter: shopwp_register_shopify_product_vendor_tax
Dev: Added new PHP filter: shopwp_register_shopify_product_type_tax
Dev: Updated wp-background-processing dependency

Last updated: January 4, 2024


  • Fixed Shortcodes used in menu items will now correctly use any passed custom attributes
  • Improved Moved more CSS into dedicated stylesheets


  • Fixed Bug causing the ShopWP blocks to ignore block settings on the front-end


  • Fixed An issue that would sometimes cause the "Begin checkout" button to remain disabled after going back to WP after the checkout page
  • Fixed Bug causing dropdown items to be crossed out if variant is auto selected on page load
  • Improved Updated Shopify API version to 2024-01.
  • Improved Moved more CSS into dedicated stylesheets


  • New Added a new template file wps-template/syncing/complete.php that runs whenever a ShopWP sync finishes
  • New Improved webhooks stability and consistency
  • Improved Added a "close" aria label to the ShopWP cart close icon
  • Improved Removed some unnecessary code related to the compatibility mu plugin
  • Improved Will no longer show quantity message if currentlyNotInStock is true
  • Improved The PHP filter shopwp_skip_compatibility now works again
  • Dev Updated JavaScript dependencies