GravityExport (v1.4.0) Nulled (By Gravitykit)

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GravityExport (v1.4.0) Nulled (By Gravitykit)

1.4.0 on April 25, 2024

This release adds additional PDF export customization options, allows basic HTML in cells, improves conditional logic functionality, fixes an issue with GravityEdit, and updates internal components for better performance and compatibility.
🚀 Added
Global PDF customization options:
You can select various new san-serif and serif fonts.
Page number alignment can be set to left, center or right.
Add a header image (e.g., a company logo) to every page.
Embed uploaded images directly in the PDF rather than linking to them.
Global setting to remove empty columns from CSV, XLSX, and PDF exports.
Global setting to allow basic HTML in cells.
Form-specific PDF settings:
Full control over the format of the page numbering.
Set row and text colors for headers and even/odd rows.
Ability to nest conditional logic filters and to filter entries based on the current user's role(s).
🐛 Fixed
GravityExport Save feed interfering with GravityEdit.
🔄 Updated
Foundation to version 1.2.12:
Fixed a bug that hid third-party plugin updates on the Plugins and Updates pages.
Resolved a dependency management issue that incorrectly prompted for a Gravity Forms update before activating, installing, or updating GravityKit products.
Transients are now set and retrieved correctly when using object cache plugins.
Fixed a JavaScript warning that occurred when deactivating license keys and when viewing products without the necessary permissions.
Resolved PHP warning messages on the Plugins page.
Transients are no longer autoloaded and work correctly with object cache plugins.
GravityKit products that are already installed can now be activated without a valid license.
Fixed PHP warning messages that appeared when deactivating the last active product with Foundation installed.
Fixed a JavaScript warning that occurred when deactivating license keys.
💻 Developer Updates
Added gk/gravityexport/save/action/save-feed action to manually trigger a feed save.

1.3.3 on January 11, 2024

This release addresses user interface issues related to field settings and conditional logic.
🐛 Fixed
PHP warning messages that interfered with sorting and including or excluding form fields from the export file.
The "Form field ID #X is no longer available" error encountered when adding conditional logic, even though the field existed.

1.3.2 on December 19, 2023

Fixed: Issue causing unexpected changes in export folder permissions.
Fixed: Conditional logic in GravityExport feeds causes a fatal error if GravityView is not installed.


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