Elomus Shop (v4.0) Single Product Shopify Theme Free Download

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Elomus Shop (v4.0) Single Product Shopify Theme Free Download

What’s New in Version 4 of Elomus Shopify Theme

  • Rewritten from ground up.
  • Upgraded for full compatibility with Shopify Online Store 2.0.
  • Enhanced Drag & Drop sections on every page for seamless customization, making it ideal for single product Shopify themes.
  • Advanced integration with Shopify meta fields, enabling dynamic content that enriches product storytelling.
  • Expanded functionality with the addition of Shopify App sections and app blocks, offering more versatility for single product shops.
  • Transitioned to pure ES6 Vanilla Javascript, eliminating all jQuery code for improved load times and performance.
  • Broadened global market reach with support for multiple languages and currencies.
  • Deepened market penetration with advanced support for multiple markets/countries/regional stores.
  • Revolutionized product display with the ability to add images featuring multiple aspect ratios.
  • Integrated Shopify predictive search auto-suggestion for efficient and fast product searches.
  • Diversified typography options with Shopify, Google, and system fonts to enhance site aesthetics.
  • Enriched product visualization with Product 360, 3D, and video imports for an immersive showcase.
  • Improved cross-selling opportunities with a related product section based on Shopify 2.0 product recommendations.
  • Upgraded slider for enhanced performance and touch support, ensuring a smooth browsing experience.
  • Introduced the ability to add color, gradient, and image backgrounds to any section, offering unparalleled design flexibility.
  • Launched new Before & After Image section to effectively demonstrate product effectiveness and appeal.
  • Enabled product subscriptions, bundles, and dynamic filters through Shopify’s Search & Discovery app for a comprehensive shopping experience.
  • Implemented Shopify CLI checks for adherence to development best practices, ensuring a robust and reliable theme structure.


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