66vcard (v25.0.0) – Digital Business Card Builder (SAAS) Nulled

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66vcard (v25.0.0) – Digital Business Card Builder (SAAS) Nulled

Update 25.0.0 - 20 February, 2024

In case you use the Theme functionality on the Admin panel - settings - theme, you must re-add your theme values after the update.
Implemented the ability to enable/disable AI scraping on your website content - from the admin panel.
Implemented new handler for pages that do not show data because of filtering for better UX.
Reworked many file image uploaders to support image preview & look better.
Added the currency parameter to the Thank You page URL after a successful payment.
Improved Offload plugin - region can now be edited in all cases.
Fade in animation for all pages is now reduced from 1s to 500ms for a faster and snappier feel.
Removed complex fade animations for the hero section on the landing page to improve LCP for SEO purposes and UX.
Improved header text and buttons in some app pages not being consistent and responsive properly.
No data, Thank you, Affiliate, 404 svg images now support dynamic colors - based on the theme color.
Improved the affiliate page, now it will show a range of potential commissions (ex: "10% - 50%" instead of "variable commission").
Improved the admin panel theme page to be a bit easier to understand.
Added more fonts to vcard pages selector.
Branding section for custom pages can now contain dynamic variables, such as the affiliate tag of the user.
Fixed language creation/updating when using certain characters in the name of the language.
Fixed broadcast statistics viewing page issues.
Fixed SSO issue when using it with a logged in team member.
A lot of other behind the scenes things that have been changed and improved.

Update 24.0.0 - 27 January, 2024

Implemented the ability to enable and display latest Blog posts on the homepage footer.
Improved the top menu dropdown when being logged in, showing all internal app links.
Reworked the whole discounts system to be able to choose the Plans for the discount, directly on the discount creation page in the admin panel.
Cookie consent dependancy upgraded and improved to support RTL.
Improved the admin panel language update page - added scroll 
up / down floating buttons.

Update 23.0.0 - 16 January, 2024

Implemented the new account preference page.
Implemented PHP 8.3 support.
Implemented Webhooks that execute before a Cron run and after a Cron run. Helpful when wanting to monitor Cron executions.
Implemented the ability to enable automatic user plan expiration checking via the cron job, configurable via the admin panel.
Implemented the ability to enable automatic "remember me" checkbox checking when logging in, configurable via the admin panel.
Implemented the ability to display social media icons on all the emails sent out.
Implemented the ability to enable/disable the PWA installation helper bar.
Implemented ability to add your company legal details to all sent out emails.
Implemented ability to enable/disable the whole breadcrumbs system.
Implemented ability to enable/disable the pagination widget when only one page is available.
Improved the template of all the emails sent out by the system.
SSO links will now display in the admin panel as well.
You will now be able to disable the SSO links from automatically displaying in the menu.
Improve PWA installation bar not showing on mobile iOS for Safari.
Bootstrap popper dependency upgraded to the latest version.
Upgraded cookie consent library to the latest 2.9.2 version.
Improved admin panel - settings - cron page with copy and execute buttons.
Improved the way plan savings for annual memberships are displayed.
Improved the look of the DNS Lookup Tools page.
Fix language change from the footer language selector issues.
Fix admin taxes deletion not working properly.
Fix annual plan savings not showing the proper currency.
Fix currency switcher not working properly when a user is logged out.
Fix small issue with Midtrans payments being classified as other payment gateways.
Fix not being able to change the Plan Trial Done status when editing a user in the admin panel.


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