Amidst the dynamic digital landscape, the provision of outstanding customer support remains a cornerstone for fostering customer loyalty and propelling business growth. Within this context, Support Board Nulled emerges as a transformative WordPress plugin, seamlessly integrating into your website and revolutionizing your approach to audience engagement. This free download post delves into the plugin’s features, advantages, and overall impact, shedding light on how it empowers you to enhance your customer support endeavors significantly.

Overview: Unveiling the Power of Support Board

Support Board is a powerhouse of innovation, combining the prowess of artificial intelligence and real-time communication to create a truly immersive customer support experience. This WordPress plugin redefines how you interact with your website visitors, offering live chat, help desk functionalities, and the intelligence of GPT AI, all in one robust package.

Features: Transformative Capabilities at Your Fingertips

Live Chat Reinvented

The plugin brings forth a seamless live chat interface that enables real-time conversations with your website visitors. Engage with them instantly, address their queries, and guide them through their journey on your site.

GPT AI Integration

The heart of Support Board lies in its integration with GPT AI, an advanced language model developed by OpenAI. This AI-driven feature empowers your support agents to provide swift and accurate responses, enhancing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Automated Ticketing System

Bid farewell to the complexities of manual ticket management. Support Board offers an automated ticketing system that efficiently organizes customer inquiries, ensuring no query goes unnoticed and streamlining your support processes.

Multi-channel Support

Whether your customers prefer chat or email, Support Board has you covered. Seamlessly switch between chat and email modes, allowing your customers to engage with your support team through their preferred communication channel.

Customizable Widgets

Tailor the appearance of the chat widget to align with your brand’s aesthetics seamlessly. Choose from various themes, colors, and layouts to create a cohesive user experience that resonates with your website’s design.

Real-time Typing View

Gain valuable insights into your customers’ thought processes by observing their messages in real-time as they type. This innovative feature equips your support team to preemptively address concerns, further enhancing customer satisfaction.

Canned Responses

Speed up response times without compromising quality. Support Board lets you create and utilize canned responses, enabling your team to provide consistent answers to frequently asked questions.

User and Agent Statuses

Keep track of your support team’s availability and your users’ online status. This feature facilitates efficient resource allocation, ensuring your customers receive timely assistance.

Analytics and Reports

Measure the effectiveness of your customer support strategies with detailed analytics and reports. Gain insights into response times, customer satisfaction rates, and popular inquiries, enabling data-driven improvements.

Download Chat Support Board WordPress Plugin

In a world where customer experience is a differentiating factor, Support Board emerges as a game-changer. Seamlessly blending advanced AI capabilities with intuitive communication tools, this WordPress plugin transforms how businesses cater to their audience. From lightning-fast responses to personalized assistance, Support Board equips your support team to surpass expectations and cultivate lasting customer relationships. Embrace Support Board today and witness firsthand how technology and human interaction combine to elevate your customer support to unprecedented heights.


Fixed bug related to uploading file and attachments.

Fixed bug related to Push Notifications by Pusher.

Fixed bug related to getting correct user language.

Fixed bug related to deleted converstions when an agent was deleted.

Fixed bug related to OneSignal Push Notifications.

Fixed bug related to conversations list order in the admin area.

Fixed bug related to flash notifications for the chat widget.

Fixed bug related to sending audio messages to messaging channels.

Fixed bug related to user email notifications via cron job.

Added support for MySQL encrypted database connection.

Option to force one conversation per department and one conversation per agent.

Option to disable sending of privacy, subscribe messages on messagin channels.

New messages counter for admin area.

Improved sound notifications. Distruption: some of your existing sound settings will be lost. You have to setup them again.

Improved admin area design.

Improved queue management.

New argument extra_3 for the PHP API function ‘sb_new_conversation()’.



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