BRICKSULTIMATE Free Download, a game-changing multipurpose addon tailored for Bricks Builder – the acclaimed visual website builder. With a seamless integration, BRICKSULTIMATE takes your web design capabilities to new heights, allowing you to create stunning, user-friendly online sites with unparalleled ease and speed. This top-notch addon is poised to revolutionize your web design workflow, providing a rich set of features and functionalities to empower both novice and experienced designers alike.

Key Features:

1. Seamless Integration with Bricks Builder:

BRICKSULTIMATE seamlessly integrates with Bricks Builder, offering a symbiotic relationship that enhances the capabilities of this visual website builder. The integration ensures a smooth transition for users familiar with Bricks, while introducing a host of additional features.

2. Multipurpose Functionality:

Positioned as a multipurpose addon, BRICKSULTIMATE is versatile enough to cater to a myriad of design needs. Whether you’re building a corporate website, a portfolio, an e-commerce platform, or a blog, this addon provides the tools and elements to bring your vision to life.

3. User-Friendly Interface:

The addon prioritizes a user-friendly interface, making it accessible to designers with varying levels of expertise. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice, BRICKSULTIMATE’s intuitive design ensures a smooth and enjoyable web design experience.

4. Efficiency and Speed:

Designed with efficiency in mind, BRICKSULTIMATE accelerates the web design process. Its streamlined features enable designers to create visually stunning sites quickly, reducing the time and effort typically associated with complex design tasks.

Benefits for Designers:

1. Enhanced Design Capabilities:

BRICKSULTIMATE Nulled extends Bricks Builder’s capabilities, offering designers an enhanced set of tools and elements to work with. From advanced layout options to unique styling features, this addon opens up new horizons for creative expression.

2. Time-Saving Features:

Time is of the essence in web design, and BRICKSULTIMATE recognizes this by providing features that expedite the design process. Designers can achieve sophisticated layouts and designs without investing excessive time, boosting overall efficiency.

3. Versatility for Diverse Projects:

The multipurpose functionality of BRICKSULTIMATE ensures versatility for diverse design projects. Whether you’re working on a business website, an online store, or a personal blog, this addon equips you with the elements needed to tailor your design to the project’s specific requirements.

4. Responsive Design Elements:

In an era where responsive design is paramount, BRICKSULTIMATE incorporates responsive elements that adapt seamlessly to different devices and screen sizes. This ensures a consistent and optimal user experience across a variety of platforms.

5. Stunning Visual Effects:

Elevate your designs with stunning visual effects provided by BRICKSULTIMATE. From advanced animations to unique transitions, this addon allows designers to add a touch of visual flair that captivates and engages site visitors.


  1. Installation and Integration: Start by installing BRICKSULTIMATE as an addon for Bricks Builder. The seamless integration ensures a cohesive working environment for designers, maintaining the familiar Bricks interface.
  2. Access to Additional Elements: Once integrated, designers gain access to a plethora of additional elements and features offered by BRICKSULTIMATE. These elements extend the design possibilities beyond the standard Bricks Builder toolkit.
  3. Efficient Layout Design: BRICKSULTIMATE facilitates efficient layout design, providing advanced options for grid structures, column arrangements, and section styling. Designers can experiment with diverse layouts to achieve the desired visual impact.
  4. Multipurpose Design Blocks: Designers can leverage the multipurpose design blocks offered by BRICKSULTIMATE. Whether creating a captivating hero section, a dynamic portfolio showcase, or an interactive contact form, these design blocks enhance the versatility of your projects.
  5. Optimized Responsive Design: BRICKSULTIMATE prioritizes optimized responsive design. Designers can ensure that their creations look exceptional on various devices, from desktops and laptops to tablets and smartphones, delivering a consistent and enjoyable user experience.

BRICKSULTIMATE stands as a pivotal addon for Bricks Builder, bringing an array of features and functionalities to the fingertips of web designers. With its seamless integration, multipurpose capabilities, and focus on user-friendly design, BRICKSULTIMATE is set to redefine the landscape of web design. Whether you’re a designer looking to expedite your workflow, enhance your design capabilities, or add a touch of creativity to your projects, this top-notch addon promises to be a valuable asset in your toolkit. Elevate your web design experience with BRICKSULTIMATE – where efficiency, versatility, and stunning visual effects converge to empower designers in their quest for digital excellence.


Released 1.5.10 on 2nd February, 2024

* Improve – Swatches functionality
* Add – a new feature: Show only text-based swatches
* Add – new settings under the MISC tab about the swatches

Released 1.5.9 on 30th January, 2024

* New element – Swatches for loop builder
Released 1.5.8 on 25th January, 2024

* New feature – Swatches for the variable products 
* Improve – AJAX Search Form element. Added the reset button options
* Improve – Bricks Add To Cart element. Added the swatches options, button layout options, etc.
* Improve – Sliding Menu element. Now you can always display top-level items on page load.
* Fixed – AJAX Search Form is not working on the non-woocommerce site
* Fixed – JS issue in AJAX Search Form element
* Fixed – some other internal issues

Released 1.5.7 on 21st January, 2024

* Fixed – Language issue on the builder editor
* Fixed – Forcefully jQuery file will not load on the site
* Fixed – Add To Cart notice is not appearing for variable products
* Fixed – Clearing the notices
Released 1.5.6 on 18th January, 2024

* Fixed – JS issue in Wishlist and Compare element
* Fixed – Multiple add-to-cart notice is appearing
* Fixed – Product Variation items is not showing on the compare list
* Fixed – Add-to-cart Icon element is not working for the product variation items
* Fixed – PHP fatal error in the Sales Badge element
* New element – Dropdown Quantity

Released 1.5.5 on 16th January, 2024

* Fixed – AJAX Search Result is not showing at frontend.

Released 1.5.4 on 13th January, 2024

* New element – AJAX Search Form is supporting the multiple query layouts
* Fixed – JS issue in the Off-Canvas element
* Added – .po and .mo files in the languages folder

Released 1.5.3 on 9th January, 2024

* New element – AJAX Search Form and Compare
* New loop builder providers – Compare Items
* Fixed – JS issue in the Sliding Menu element
* Improved – Animated Burger element
* Improved – Tooltip interactions

Released on 15th December, 2023

New interaction – Tooltip
Fixed – Add To Cart, Quantity, and Wishlist elements are not working due to the WPGridBuilder Facet’s AJAX request.

Released 1.5.2 on 14th December, 2023

* New feature – Add To Cart notification
* New element – Wishlist. Compatible with CPTs, Posts, etc
* New loop builder providers – Wishlist Items
* Fixed – JS issue in Add To Cart Icon element
* Fixed – PHP warnings in the Flex Gallery element 


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