Active eCommerce CMS Nulled is a robust and feature-rich platform designed to empower entrepreneurs and businesses in creating and managing their online stores with ease. This powerful system, available on CodeCanyon, offers a comprehensive suite of tools and features to launch, scale, and customize e-commerce websites effectively. Let’s delve into the world of Active eCommerce CMS, exploring its features, and the value it brings to online businesses.

Introduction: Active eCommerce CMS is a dynamic solution tailored for those seeking a seamless e-commerce experience. It provides a solid foundation for individuals and businesses venturing into the world of online retail. With its user-friendly interface and extensive feature set, this CMS simplifies the process of setting up and managing an online store, even for those with limited technical expertise.

Overview: At its core, Active eCommerce CMS is built to streamline the e-commerce journey. Whether you are starting from scratch or looking to enhance an existing online store, this platform offers the tools needed to succeed. Let’s take a closer look at some key aspects of this CMS:

User-Friendly Interface

One of the standout features of Active eCommerce CMS is its intuitive and user-friendly interface. Navigating the system is straightforward, making it easy for store owners to manage products, orders, customers, and more. The dashboard provides a centralized hub where all essential information and functions are readily accessible.

Responsive Design

In today’s mobile-driven world, responsiveness is key. The platform understands this, offering responsive design capabilities that ensure your online store looks and functions flawlessly across devices. Whether customers are browsing on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, they will enjoy a seamless shopping experience.

Customization Options

Every business is unique, and Active eCommerce CMS recognizes this by providing a range of customization options. From themes and layouts to colors and fonts, store owners can tailor their online presence to align with their brand identity. This flexibility allows for a personalized touch that resonates with customers.

Product Management

Efficient product management is crucial for any e-commerce venture. Active eCommerce CMS simplifies this process, allowing store owners to add, edit, and organize products effortlessly. Detailed product descriptions, images, pricing, and inventory management tools are all at your fingertips.

Order and Inventory Management

Keeping track of orders and inventory is made easy with Active eCommerce CMS. Store owners can monitor orders in real-time, manage shipping details, and track inventory levels to ensure products are always available. This streamlined approach helps minimize errors and keeps the fulfillment process running smoothly.

Payment Gateways

A variety of payment gateways are supported by Active eCommerce CMS, providing customers with convenient and secure payment options. Whether it’s credit cards, PayPal, or other popular methods, integrating payment gateways is seamless, allowing for a hassle-free checkout experience.

Marketing and SEO Tools

Driving traffic to your online store is essential for success. The platform offers built-in marketing and SEO tools to help boost visibility and attract customers. From SEO-friendly URLs to meta tags and social media integration, this CMS equips store owners with the tools needed to enhance online presence.

Conclusion: Empowering E-commerce Success

In conclusion, Active eCommerce CMS Free Download stands out as a comprehensive and versatile platform for building and managing online stores. Its user-friendly interface, responsive design, customization options, robust product and order management, support for multiple payment gateways, and marketing tools make it a valuable asset for entrepreneurs and businesses alike.

Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur starting your first online store or an established business looking to expand your e-commerce presence, The platform provides the features and flexibility needed to succeed in today’s competitive market. With its focus on simplicity, efficiency, and effectiveness, this CMS empowers users to create compelling online stores that resonate with customers.

Explore the possibilities with Active eCommerce CMS and take your e-commerce venture to new heights. With its array of features and commitment to user satisfaction, this platform is poised to support your online business growth for years to come.


version : 8.6 (05/04/2024)

- Introducing Dynamic Custom Pop up, Designed to elevate your online store’s interaction with customers.

- We have added Recently/Last Viewed Products, Shopping is now smarter, simpler, and more customised than ever before.

- We have added Brand Bulk Upload feature in this update.

- New Demo added ‘Megamart’.

* We will move Website Popup settings from Website Setup > Appearance to 
Marketing > Dynamic Popup in Admin Panel. For time being this option is available in both places.

version : 8.5 (19/03/2024)

- Category-wise Discount : 
    We’re thrilled to announce the launch of category-wise discounts in Active eCommerce CMS, revolutionizing the way 
    you offer promotions to your valued customers. 
    With this innovative feature, you can now tailor discounts specifically to product categories, enhancing your marketing 
    strategies and driving sales across your entire business.

- New Home page Layout :
   Introducing a dynamic new homepage layout in Active eCommerce CMS. Your customers will now navigate effortlessly 
   through your favorite products and curated collections, all at their fingertips. Experience shopping like never before 
   with our New Homepage layout - “Megamart”.

- Important Bug Fixing

version : 8.4 (06/03/2024)

- Guest Checkout : 
    We are introducing “Guest Checkout” to provide your customers a seamless shopping experience. 
    Now your customers can Add products to Cart & Checkout without login/registration.
    If your customer has previous registration they will be logged in with their old account.

- Frequently Brought Product option for admin and seller :
    Introducing our “Frequently Brought Product” collection where customer favorites meet unbeatable value! 
    Dive into a curated selection of items that your customers just can’t get enough of.
    You can select end products or End category for a selected product which will be shown in a “Frequently Brought 
    Products” section.

- Added Multicategory option in Product Bulk Import

- Added Date and Times in Product Queries

- New demo added - Construction

- Compatible with Active eCommerce OTP Add-on version 2.5

- Important Bug Fixing

version: 8.3 (17/01/2024)

- The All New Dashboard : The newly designed Admin Dashboard of Active eCommerce CMS reflects a seamless blend of functionality and aesthetics, promising an enhanced user experience for admins. With its intuitive layout and user-friendly interface, managing your online store has never been more efficient.

- Sections in Admin Dashboard :
    Total Customers with Top Customers
    Total Products with In-house Products & Seller’s Products
    Total Category with Top 3 Categories
    Total Brand’s with Top Selling Brands

    Total Sales
    Sales of Running month
    Yearly Sales in graph
    In-house Sales 
    Seller’s Sales

    Total Sellers with Approved Seller & Pending Seller
    Top Sellers

    Total Order with 
    Pending Orders
    Order Placed
    Confirmed Order
    Processed Order
    Order Shipped

    Top Categories by Sales with their Top Products Sorted by Today, Week, Month & All

    Total Sales of In-house Store with
    In-house Products Ratings &
    Total Order

    In-house Top Category by Sales with sale amount sorted by Today, Week, Month & All

    In-house Top Brands by Sales with sale amount sorted by Today, Week, Month & All

- Import Demo Files : Now you can import our exclusive demos directly to your project.
We have added “Classic” for import. Gradually we will add more demos for import.

- New demo added - Sports

- Compatible with Active eCommerce Flutter App version 4.5.0

- Compatible with Active eCommerce OTP Add-on version 2.5

- Important Bug Fixing


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